Heating system:

  • Floor heating through main house, conservatory, coach house and pool cabana.
  • Eighteen heat pumps provide hot water for floor heating and for fan coils. They also supply hot
  • water for domestic use.
  • There are 27 fan coils (heat/cooling exchangers) enabled in the main residence.
  • There are 8 fan coils in the coach house, installed but not enabled. fan coils are an auxiliary
  • heating system (additional to floor heating).
  • A large natural gas/oil furnace augments the above heating system for the main house, coach
  • house and pool cabana.
  • Staff house is heated by a natural gas furnace.
  • The barn has its own gas furnace and floor heating.
  • Poly house is unheated though coils have been installed under the sand floor.

Hot water:

  • The heat exchangers are 120 US gallon tanks, one in each of the main residence, coach house and
  • pool cabana, which heat domestic hot water. The main house exchanger has an electrical booster,
  • a hot water tank that services the kitchen and master bedroom. There is also a booster on the
  • coach house domestic hot water system.
  • Staff house hot water is supplied by a natural gas boiler.

Water treatment:

  • Incoming city or well water is treated with a very elaborate, state-of-the-art system through the
  • following process:
  • a multi-media filter
  • 5 micron "Big Blue"
  • water softener filter # I, with a salt-brine tank attached
  • water softener filter #2
  • ultra-violet filter
  • Harmsco cluster filter (contains 7 filters)
  • The water then flows into two 1000 US gallon tanks with continuous circulation throughout the
  • main house and pool cabana. The staff house and coach house each have trunk lines that run off
  • the main house circulation.
  • Two back-up artesian wells are on the property (100'+ and 225'+ deep).
  • The septic field is a Klargester biodisc triplestage system with a very large capacity, designed to
  • service a small village.

Pool water treatment:

  • Water treatment is supplied by three commercial-sized filtration systems using the chlormatic salt
  • water disinfecting system with automatic ph balance and chlorine adjustment.


  • 600 amps 347/600 volts 3PH 4P splitter.
  • Back-up system: Diesel generator. 225 (300) KW up to 600 volts 3PH 4 wire, complete with 5-
  • 10 second 600 amp/600 volt transfer switch.
  • Diesel in-ground fiberglass storage tank with a capacity of 55,000 lilies/I 1,000 Imperial gallons.
  • Staff house is included in back-up diesel-powered system.

Air Purifier, air moisture control:

  • Three heat recovery units (HRU) control humidity.
  • HRU-I for main residence is enabled.
  • HRU-2 for coach house is not yet enabled.
  • HRU-3 for pool cabana is enabled.


Exterior main house. Coach house and pool cabana:

  • Stonework is complete only in the front. Stone is on site.
  • Landscaping is partially complete. Light standards are temporarily installed.
  • Cement decks are unfinished.

Main house:

  • Ceiling beams: final wood finish is not in place.
  • Brazilian cherry wood floor needs final finish in the dining room and lounge.
  • Catwalk, grand staircase and library are unfinished (plywood); stair rails and railing of catwalk not in place. Carpeting has been purchased but not laid for stairs, catwalk and library. East and west stairways are unfinished.
  • Lounge baseboards not in place; doors in lounge need final trim. Scallop-shell ceiling needs final
  • finish.
  • Elevator is operating. but main body interior of the elevator is unfinished wood.
  • Morning room ceiling is unfinished but roughed in for skylight. Gas fireplace is functional but
  • unfinished.
  • Gas fireplace in master guest suite is in place but installation is incomplete.
  • Large oval den/study ceiling beams final wood fmish is not in place. Circular stairway and loft
  • are unfinished wood. Catwalk balcony overlooking great room
  • Most of the basement in the main house is finished to gyprock. Ceiling plastering is incomplete.
  • The rooms in the basement have temporary doors (a few have no doors). Final unstained doors
  • are on site, ready to be installed. Wine room is unfinished, with plumbing and drainage in place.

Coach house:

  • Main and north-end staircases are unfinished.
  • Some baseboards, window trim and bathroom cabinet doors remain unfinished.
  • Stairs to lofts are fmished, but lofts are partially unfinished.
  • Decks off two suites are unfinished.


  • Girders are in place, glass on site but not installed.

Pool Cabana:

  • Ceramic floor around hot tub is finished, but baseboards are unfinished.
  • Walls of adjoining units are finished to painted drywall, and floors and accessories unfinished.
  • Tiles for steam room, bathrooms, sauna, etc. are on site. Three toilets, only one functional, though
  • toilets and one urinal are on site.
  • Three showers roughed in, no hardware in place.
  • Sauna/steam room, roughed in.
  • Lounge with sliding glass doors to pool deck with roughed in plumbing for bar.

Pool and pool deck:

  • Stone waterfall and surrounding section of the pool deck are unfinished.
  • Child's wading pool not operational.

Staff house:

  • Exterior stonework is unfinished.