Address: 29444 58th A venue, Abbotsford V 4x 2G 1
Land: 20.12 acres
Improvement: 47,000 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 10
Bathrooms: 15.5
Theatre: comfortable custom-couch seating for 24
Pool Cabana: through tunnel access
Planning started: 1993-94. Construction: 1997
Designer: John Anthony Lewis
Designer: Chopra & associates
Construction Manager: A.L. Ferris, general contractors
Soil Engineers: EKS Engineering Services Ltd
Mechanical Electrical Engineers: Pacific International Consultants
Structural Engineers: All Span Engineering Ltd.


Gas heating. Floor heating
Two Systems 
1. Tetco Geothermal- 20 units of 2000 BTUs per unit
2. Industrial gas furnaces, consisting of:
a) Vie sIs mann Vitola Biferal of 150,000 BTUs. Hansa injection
b) Vie sIs mann Rondojnat Wieshaust of 300,000 BTUs. Hansa injection

Hot Water: 120 gallon tank
Electric booster connected from 'a special Hot Water tank to service the kitchen and master bedrooms for instant hot water. There is a second booster for servicing the hot water to the "coach house" or east wing.

Hot Water Treatment System:
Custom built by US Fulton PETW A on city water, and stored in 2 tanks of 1000 gallons each, after being treated by a state-of-the-art system - the water going through a series of filters, softener filters, ultra-violet filters and Harmsco cluster filters. The stored water is under continuous pressured circulation throughout the house, and is also connected to the pool- cabana area.

The pool-cabana complex, reached through a tunnel from the main structure, is serviced first by the artesian wells, then by city water.


The main kitchen is equipped and designed to accommodate large gatherings. There are 2 Mielle ovens, 2 Mielle dishwashers - one regular, one for crystal and china., 1 Wells commercial griddle, 1 6-burner gas stove-top, 2 bun warmers, 1 Chester Eloma oven with steam and convection system .


1 commercial gas unit with commercial extractor and wok, 2 deep fryers, 1 double large gas burner for soup, stock, steamer, etc., 1 barbecue, 1 Alto Shaam commercial oven for specially regulated slow cooking.
*note: the kitchen has its own hot water tank system.


The electrical system in place is planned to give complete guaranty of electrical supply. The system is of 600 amps, 347/600 volts, 3 phases, 4 wires. The entire system is connected to an automatic diesel generator system of 300 KW of 600 volts, supplies 3 phases, 4 wires. The back-up system is connected to the entire property, including the staff house, bam, etc. The diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 55,000 litres or 11,000 gallons. All services in place have been designed with enormous redundancy in order to bring full security of services at all times under any conditions, with the assumption of a full house.


  • 3 heat recovery units (HRU) control humidity
  • HRU-l: for main residence
  • HRU-2: for coach house or east wing
  • HRU-3: for pool, cabana area


The staff house is a 3 bedroom home, with the master bedroom ensuite, an office, family room, powder room. There is a full basement, unfinished with 11' ceiling. The hot water is supplied by a standard gas hot water tank. The heat is supplied by a gas furnace.


Large single room storage


Will accommodate 3 dogs. Roof matches the slate roof of the main residence. Large fenced pen.


Polyethylene-covered metal-frame potting house. Large single room.